Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Our focus is to maximize learning opportunities for our students through individualized therapeutic intervention. We provide continuous outreach to staff and families to promote understanding of each student’s unique sensory, speech-language and behavioral needs so intervention strategies can be implemented outside of the therapy setting.  Our goal is to ensure that students transition from the academic setting with an improved ability to understand how to navigate the complexities of their disability through communication and self-regulation.

As a related service, Occupational Therapy is available to our students directly and indirectly for developing fine motor control for written work, classroom tasks, self-feeding, and more. As well as, providing  sensory integration techniques for calming, level of arousal for learning, and improving brain body connections. 

 Speech and Language Pathologists work with students to improve speech production, comprehension of what he or she hears and sees as well as organizing and using language to communicate a message or hold a conversation.  Students receive intervention individually and in peer groups. Social skills are targeted every day.

 Physical Therapy promotes motor development and the student’s participation in everyday routines and activities that are a part of his or her school program. The PT designs and performs therapeutic interventions, including compensation, remediation and prevention strategies and adaptations, focusing on functional mobility and safe, efficient access and participation in educational activities and routines in natural learning environments. 

 The Behavior Analyst supports classrooms by developing and implementing classroom and/or individual behavior supports.  The goal of behavior support is to assist in creating a classroom environment that reduces challenging behaviors while teaching more appropriate replacement skills/strategies.  In addition, the behavior analyst will conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and develop Positive Behavior Intervention Plans to support those students who need it.